Casey Neistat Gives A Shake

Mugs in the Cabinet – Fox News

Line Up New York Times

Some artists have created somewhat darker snow globes. The creative team of Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese sell ones with profane words floating inside and a Seven Deadly Sins series.

art on paper Pure Products USA

Pure Products is dedicated to a mission that’s rare in the art world these days: satirizing the blatant corruption of powerful public figures and institutions in America.

Ashcroft snow globe New Yorker

Tchotchkes aren’t just tchotchkes when you work in government. Sometimes they are gifts, and, as Robert Torricelli can attest, there are strict rules about such things.

Fuck snow globe boingboing

An appropriately bitter snow globe.

Fuck snow globe Elle
Line Up New York Times

Controversy has erupted from the sleepy third-floor hallway galleries at the New York Public Library…