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Hi, we’re PureProducts USA. Welcome to our website. For the past ten years, we’ve been making limited edition art works that satirize political issues. Many of these products have arrived on the doorsteps of some of the most powerful people and influential officials in America. They’ve been so popular that even some of our subjects (the RNC) have threatened us with lawsuits!

Political issues today are driven more and more by money and market forces. So much so, that sometimes, the Home of the Brave and Arsenal of Democracy seems little more than a supermarket. Politicians use focus groups and clever marketing ideas to reach out to their constituents. They see us less as fully participating citizens than consumers for buying into their raw ideas and dishonest issues.

The packaging of patriotism, hidden agendas, and the passage of legislation with little or no opposition make these times uncertain and perilous. These are just some of the things that motivate us to make the kind of work that we do.

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