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The Homeland Security Nutrition Kit

It's easy to forget the basics of good nutrition under the imminent threat of terrorism.

But thanks to the home economists at Pure Products, The Homeland Security Nutrition Kit takes care of that and does so much more.

Our expert dieticians have chosen a range of foods guaranteed for maximum nutrition, ease and comfort.

Democracy enriched water

Democracy Enriched H20.

“It's pure, never adulterated. Always from the source”

—Dick Cheney

Rumsfeld's Liberty Spread

Rumsfeld’s Liberty Spread.
Freedom with a crunch.

“Spread the Freedom”

—Condi Rice

Bible Bar

General Jerry Boykin's favorite snack.

“The secure energy bar with the goodness God intended”

—General Jerry Boykin

Nutrition kit


So, don’t delay. You never know when a Nutitrition kit will come in handy, whether in a state of emergency, or just for a snack.

For a limited time only, each Homeland security Nutrition Kit comes with its very own Spork.

(The nutrition kit provides at least part of an adult’s daily nutritional need. Individual needs may vary.)

Homeland Security Nutrition Kit
“The safe and secure way to pack nutrition.”
Signed, limited edition $49.99 including shipping & handling


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